Our Environment and Energy Future

Betsy has been a longtime community volunteer for land conservation and our environment, and will be a champion for the clean air and water that is so important for Ohio’s future. Betsy’s father was a game warden with the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and she spent her childhood hunting and fishing, developing a deep love for Ohio’s natural resources. She has served on the Russell Township Zoning Commission, served on the Geauga Park Foundation Board, and created a “land lab” for the local school for environmental education. In a state senate district that borders Lake Erie, Betsy is aware that taking care of our clean fresh water is vitally important to our lives and our economy. Our natural resources belong to all of us and it is our government’s responsibility to protect our natural resources and hold accountable those who pollute our resources or otherwise diminish them for their own financial gain.

Betsy believes we must….

  • Protect our public resources and incentivize the protection of our clean air and water, green space and public health;
  • Develop an energy strategy that serves the best interests of all Ohio citizens;
  • Strengthen energy independence and clean air and water with an emphasis on sustainable and renewable energy resources that will promote job growth in Northeast Ohio;
  • Fight for expanded funding for water infrastructure projects that will improve water quality in the Great Lakes region.

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