Ohio’s Economy and Jobs

As a small business owner, an employment lawyer, and someone who has previously been an executive for local businesses, Betsy is committed to expanding Ohio’s economy in a way that benefits everyone – workers and businesses. We can see during this pandemic that so many low-paid jobs are essential and that local small businesses must be nurtured so that we sustain our communities. Betsy is on the Board of the Ohio Employment Lawyers Association, is a member of the Chagrin Valley Rotary and is a member of the Mentor Chamber of Commerce. She served as Senior Counsel of the Cleveland Clinic as chair of contracting for the health system as well as chair of the employment practice group for the largest employer in Ohio. Betsy’s wide experience equips her uniquely to help Ohio recover and prosper during this difficult time.

Betsy believes we must…

  • Support the small businesses and locally owned companies that strengthen our communities, including farmers and our other rural businesses;
  • Increase the minimum wage so that those working full time earn a living wage;
  • Ensure safe working conditions and paid sick leave for workers;
  • Protect workers in the “gig” economy who are not currently classified as employees;
  • Strengthen organized labor, protect their pensions, and fight harmful anti-worker legislation;
  • Invest in Ohio’s infrastructure, including broadband, as well as our workforce’s education and skills, in order to grow existing businesses and attract new businesses that pay good wages;
  • Promote free enterprise, enforce our anti-trust laws, and appropriately limit market consolidation that raises prices, depresses wages, and drives small and local companies out of business.

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