High-Quality Education and Training

After attending Ohio public schools, and proudly sending her three kids to the West Geauga public schools, Betsy knows the importance of quality public education. Growing up poor, a good public education was Betsy’s pathway to opportunity. In her legal work representing abused and neglected children, she has continued to see the critical importance of schools in children’s lives. And in her legal work representing older workers terminated from jobs, she has seen the need for re-training opportunities in today’s changing economy.

Betsy believes we must…

  • Provide affordable daycare and universal early childhood education for all families since such investments provide exponential benefits in return;
  • Restructure Ohio’s unconstitutional school funding system, including the overreliance on local property taxes, and fund our schools equitably and adequately;
  • Reduce the cost of higher education at our public universities and community colleges, and create pathways that help students graduate from college debt-free;
  • Facilitate public-private partnerships that train workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow;
  • Pass common sense gun safety laws like universal background checks and Red Flag laws.

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