Affordable Healthcare and Prescription Drugs

Having worked in healthcare, including for the Cleveland Clinic and Medicare and Medicaid, Betsy knows how important it is to support a healthy community, and to stop and reverse the rising costs of healthcare and prescription drugs. As this pandemic began, Ohio ranked near the bottom in its funding of public health operations. Ohio has some of the highest rates of infant mortality, and even before COVID-19 the life expectancy of people in Ohio had recently decreased

Good healthcare is fundamental to people’s lives and the current pandemic has surely demonstrated that all of us benefit when everyone has access to good healthcare. Betsy believes that government has a fundamental role to play in ensuring that testing, contact tracing and containment are carried out in a way that controls the spread of disease and allows our economy to recover. Betsy believes that the government has a critical role to protect people by overseeing the safety of workplaces and public spaces. The government should also protect people by ensuring that health insurance companies and prescription drug companies do not unfairly take advantage of people when they are sick and need access to care.

Betsy believes we must….

  • Adequately fund and support our public health system;
  • Pass legislation in Ohio that requires insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions;
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs by cracking down on price gouging and unwarranted drug price increases;
  • Maintain Governor Kasich’s Medicaid expansion;
  • Increase funding for addiction prevention and treatment, as well as wrap-around services for those recovering from addiction;
  • Support a public option that would allow people to buy into Medicare coverage at an affordable price.

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