The fine line between the insured and the uninsured: Betsy Rader (Opinion)

In an op-ed, Betsy Rader, who is running for Ohio State Senate District 18 to represent northeastern Ohio lays out how easily any one of us can become uninsured in America. Attacks on the Medicaid expansion jeopardize healthcare for families and children who have done nothing wrong. If elected to the State Senate, Betsy Rader will always fight for good healthcare for all Ohioans.

RUSSELL TOWNSHIP, Ohio — In the reckless rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act, leaving 22 million more Americans uninsured, Washington must remember that we are all just one bad boss or health crisis away from needing help to obtain health insurance.

As an employment lawyer representing workers, I see this often. Someone does a good job for many years, then one day, the company shuts its doors and the job is gone. Or a new boss comes in and wants his own team, and the loyal employee is sent packing. I once had a job where I sat next to the hardest worker I ever knew — then she was injured in a car crash where the other person ran a red light, and she could no longer work in her prior job.

Every year, 7.4 million Americans who work for a large employer leave or lose their jobs. In a system relying primarily on employer-based health insurance, when people lose their jobs, they usually lose their health insurance, too.

In fact, the Congressional Budget Office predicts that 4 million people will lose their employer based health care under the Senate bill as currently drafted.

So these people should just go out and get another good job with benefits, right?  Not so easy.

Only about half of private sector jobs in Ohio offer health care benefits. If the employee is over 50, getting another job at all may be very difficult or impossible.

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