Betsy Rader Raised Over $200,000!

State Senate Candidate Betsy Rader Announces Raising Over $200,000 

Democratic State Senate candidate again outraises her opponent, with more than four times as much cash on hand.

JUNE 5, 2020, GEAUGA COUNTY –  On Friday, Betsy Rader’s campaign for State Senate District 18 announced that she had raised $215,286.73 in contributions for this race, more than twice as much as her Republican opponent. During the post-primary fundraising period ending in early June, Ms. Rader raised $69,342.35, more than triple what her opponent raised in the same period. Her cash on hand is $167,666.70, more than four times what her opponent has on hand. Her opponent would have a current negative balance except for his $55,000 loan to his campaign.

The contributions in Ms. Rader’s post-primary report came from over 400 individual contributions, in stark contrast to her opponent’s 30 high-dollar individual donors.

Rader said, “I’m proud to be running a grassroots campaign that has inspired over 1,000 individual donors to contribute since October.  We need legislators who will prioritize what matters to regular people, not just big-money special interests.”

Ms. Rader has taken a no corporate PAC pledge, while her opponent’s largest donation during this period was a $5,000 contribution from FirstEnergy PAC.

“I have been so troubled by Ohio’s pay-to-play culture in the Statehouse, which has led to our legislature’s failure to address important issues like healthcare, public education, emerging technologies, and the environment.  This is why it’s important to get big money out of politics and start standing up for our citizens,” Rader noted. 

Ms. Rader was previously a Senior Counsel at the Cleveland Clinic and worked at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  As an employment lawyer, Ms. Rader fights for the civil rights of workers and most recently has been fielding calls from essential workers who are concerned about their safety in the workplace, sick pay, and their healthcare coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rader also volunteers pro bono legal services to help workers who are trying to access unemployment benefits, and serves as a guardian ad litem for abused children.

Senate District 18 is an open seat that is highly competitive in 2020.  Ohio State Senate District 18 encompasses all of Portage County as well as large portions of Lake and Geauga County.  It includes institutions of higher learning such as Kent State University. The current state senator, John Eklund, is term-limited.

Senate District 18 Updated Fundraising  Total Contributions (loans + inkinds) Total Contributions
(inkinds, no loans)
Total Contributions
(no loans, no inkinds)
Total Contrbutions
Betsy Rader $215,286.73 $212,786.73 $207,461.72 $69,342.34
Jerry Cirino $158,346.53 $103,346.53 $99,553.31 $21,500.00